Medicinal Chemistry

In Medicinal Chemistry, small molecule organic compounds are designed, synthesized, and optimized through an iterative process in order to generate and develop new bio-active molecules (i.e., drugs) that are potent, safe and effective. NJ Bio can provide services to support this drug discovery and development process from lead generation through scale-up. Specifically, our services include:

  • Hit screening and hit validation by BioNMR.
  • Lead generation
  • Lead optimization
  • Scale-up


The advantages of using NJ Bio for your medicinal chemistry needs include:

  • Combination of experience and state-of-the-art facility to deliver clinical candidates
  • Rapid and efficient resource deployment to enable “first-to-file”
  • Seamless progression from Lead Generation/Lead Optimization to scale-ups
  • Expertise in difficult protein-protein interaction inhibitors
  • Verification of screening hits by BioNMR.


Our medicinal chemistry services can be provided as Blended FTE Model with our partners at Amar Chemistry in India. In a typical medicinal chemistry hit-to-lead project, the scaffold preparation and compound library synthesis would be conducted in India, while the preparation of the lead candidates as well as the in-vitro assays would be performed in the USA.

Chemical synthesis laboratory for nucleotides and nucleosides for oligonucleotide synthesis