Peptide Synthesis Services

NJ Bio can help you fulfill your synthetic peptide needs. Our experienced team of chemists have successfully prepared milligram to multi-gram quantities of a variety of peptides up to more than fifty amino acids in length. We pay special attention to every variable ranging from resin composition to coupling and cleavage conditions. Following the synthesis, our PurePep™Chorus peptide synthesizer is specially designed to run automated on-system cleavage of peptides, allowing for quicker analysis. The crude peptide material is analyzed either using Waters Xevo-G2 TOF or Waters Synapt-G1 Q-TOF LC-MS. Purification of peptides is achieved using a CombiFlash® EZ Prep unit. Final peptides are lyophilized and prepared, as per request.

  • Synthesis of four individual peptides at a time up to 1-mmol quantity
  • Induction heating with oscillation mixing on all reaction vessels
  • Real-time UV monitoring on two reaction vessels
  • Automated cleavage 27 Amino Acid Ports
  • Successfully prepared mg- to multi-gram-quantities of peptides

PurePepTMChorus peptide synthesizer