Flow Chemistry

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NJ Bio offers process development services for small molecules and protein manufacturing. In addition to traditional batch chemistry, NJ Bio’s flow chemists have ample experience designing multi-step custom flow chemistry routes to drug intermediates and APIs.

Our flow chemistry experts can help you design chemical reactions in continuous flow rather than batch, which offers many advantages including improved safety, better process control, and better heat transfer. In flow, it is possible to perform highly exothermic reactions in a safe and efficient manner.

NJ Bio provides its flow chemistry services in collaboration with Amar Chemistry Pvt. Ltd.

  • Flow chemistry process development
  • High-pressure chemistry process development
  • Medicinal chemistry
  • Impurities synthesis
  • Small scale API synthesis

In addition, in collaboration with the flow chemistry experts at Amar Chemistry, we are able to design customized equipment for all your flow chemistry challenges.

Our flow chemistry services can be provided as Blended FTE Model with our partners at Amar Chemistry in India. In a typical set-up for flow chemistry process development for the scale-up from mg- to kg-quantities, screening of the reactions conditions and process parameters would be performed in India while the key steps of the route and the scale-up reaction would be performed in the USA.

NJ Bio’s continuous flow chemistry team