NJ Bio, Inc. is extremely grateful to Professor Vivek Gupta, Chairperson of the AAPS Discussion Group, and the NERDG committee for inviting our President & CEO, Dr. Naresh Jain, as a keynote speaker at the 25th Annual AAPS NERDG Conference. It was an honor to be able to present NJ Bio’s recent work and share our innovative approaches at such a prestigious platform. Dr. Jain’s talk primarily focused on proteins as site-specific drug delivery tools and recent advances in the Antibody-Drug Conjugate space. During the presentation, Dr. Jain addressed the common challenges faced during development of next generation ADCs and novel strategies that could be used to improve the therapeutic index and accelerate drug discovery.

AAPS NERDG was established to foster education of pharmaceutical sciences and provide a local forum for researchers in the northeastern United States. The NERDG Annual Conference draws several pharmaceutical scientists and students from the industry and academia in the Northeast region to share their scientific opinions and ideas.

We would also like to express our gratitude to the entire team at AAPS NERDG (aaps-nerdg.org), chair elect Dr. Anand Gupta, Gupta, Dr. Heather F. Schmidt, treasurer Dr. Snehal Shukla, all other members and volunteers for hosting extremely successful NERDG seminars and meetings and encouraging scientific discussions in the field of pharmaceutical sciences.

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