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Custom Synthesis

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Last updated on 4th April 2024

Process-friendly, Cost-effective, and Timely Solutions

Leveraging years of expertise in working with potent and complex small molecules needed for bioconjugation projects, our team excels at troubleshooting challenging chemistry. We focus on delivering solutions that are not only of high quality but also economical and efficient. Our work with bioconjugation, chemistry and oligonucleotides, allows us to focus on the important aspects across diverse fields of research, such as conjugatable impurities for bioconjugates. Whether it is drug discovery, development, or route design, our services encompass the entire spectrum of project requirements.

At NJ Bio, our cutting-edge equipment enables us to employ advanced techniques such as ion exchange, extending beyond the conventional methods of synthetic laboratories. We can efficiently characterize and purify each compound, delivering results promptly to our clients. The collective expertise of our scientists in custom synthesis projects allows us to devise and effectively adopt innovative approaches while optimizing routes to achieve the desired outcome.

We use electrochemistry, photochemistry, flow chemistry, and ion exchange chromatography to tackle the synthesis of challenging compounds. Rather than forcing chemistry to conform to conventional equipment and protocols, we allow the unique chemistry and requirements of each project to dictate our equipment selection.  Projects are chosen based on their intriguing chemistry and potential to deliver significant value to our clients’ research.

NJ Bio excels in addressing complex synthesis issues with agility, facilitating quick product development, and prioritizing cost and time optimization. Our strength lies in our robust analytical and characterization tools which ensure thorough compound characterization and enhance the overall project efficiency. We specialize in synthesizing a diverse array of high-purity compounds at scales ranging from milligrams to kilograms. From chemical intermediates and process impurities to APIs and preclinical drug candidates, our comprehensive services for synthesis and analysis of complex molecules, ensure excellence at every stage of the process.

Custom Synthesis Services

Custom chemical

The required chemical substance is not yet available commercially?

Custom synthesis of APIs, building blocks, organic/inorganic materials, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, etc.

Application: Formulation of novel research reagents, analytical standards, reference materials & hard-to-find chemicals

Design synthetic

Synthesis method of new compound is unknown?

Wide reaction capabilities including acetylation, diazotization, nitration, cross-coupling, condensation, hydrogenation, electrochemistry, photochemistry, and more to develop synthesis routes

Application: Synthetic route selection and structure-based drug design for innovative compound development

Optimization &

Synthetic routes need to be developed or optimized for scale-up?

Infrastructure and instrumentation to handle up to
1 – 100 L batch volumes depending on product characteristics & potency

Application: Creation of safe, reproducible, and cost-effective chemical manufacturing processes

Custom synthesis is a specialized chemical process tailored to create unique compounds, small molecules, or chemicals according to the specific requirements of clients. This involves producing substances that may not be readily available commercially or modifying existing compounds to achieve desired properties.

At NJ Bio, our custom synthesis services focus on developing hard-to-find chemicals and intermediates, as well as exploring alternate synthesis routes. Often, clients provide us with a process or literature reference of compounds produced at a laboratory scale. Scaling up these processes can pose safety concerns or be prohibitively expensive due to factors such as the use of expensive reagents. Our goal in finding alternative routes is to ensure safety, robustness, and repeatability in the synthesis process. We have expertise in synthesis of a variety of compounds with many reaction capabilities including but not limited to high pressure hydrogenation, electrochemistry, photochemistry, flow chemistry, microwave chemistry and solid- phase peptide and oligo synthesis.

From first-time synthesis of complex, commercially unavailable compounds to route optimization and supply of exclusive chemicals for production needs, we have a track record of multiple successful projects. Our facility is equipped with advanced instrumentation, enabling us to conduct various synthesis processes, multistep reactions, scale-up, and bulk production with precision. We specialize in a wide range of chemical transformations, including heterocyclic chemistry, metal-mediated synthesis, reductive amination, cyanation, reductions, oxidations, nitration, Friedel-Crafts reactions, C, O, N-alkylations, and chiral resolutions, among others.

We offer our custom synthesis services through a Blended FTE Model with our research lab in India to provide efficient and cost-effective solutions to our clients worldwide.

NJ Bio offers the following services:

  • Synthetic route design and process optimization
  • Small- and large-scale chemistry capabilities
  • Advanced synthetic and analytical platform
  • High efficiency processes
  • Milligram to kilogram batch synthesis capacity
  • Process development and scale-up
  • High quality final products with good chemical purity
  • Analytical results by 1H-NMR, Mass Spectrometer, HPLC or GC
  • Fully developed purification and analytical capabilities

    Infrastructure and Instrumentation:

    • Three fully equipped synthetic chemistry labs with 75+ chemical hoods.
    • Multiple isolator hoods for handling high-potency compounds.
    • 1 – 100 L batch volumes depending on product characteristics and filling volumes.
    • Advanced bioanalytical instruments for characterizing highly complex structures and compounds including high field 800, 700 and 500 MHz NMRs.
    • Multiple high-resolution mass spectrometers (LC-MS) for thorough and precise characterization of all compounds.
    • Variety of ISCO and Preparative HPLC systems (normal and reverse-phase) to ensure high purity of all compounds.
    • A range of specialized reactors including high-pressure, microwave, flow chemistry, photo – , and electro – chemistry reactors.

    Our capabilities encompass a wide array of reactions, including but not limited to

    • High-pressure reactions
    • Low-pressure reactions
    • Flow chemistry
    • Photochemistry
    • Microwave Chemistry
    • Hydrogenation
    • Acid-amine coupling
    • Oxidation
    • Acylation
    • Reductive Alkylation
    • Reduction
    • Electrochemistry

    Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

    How is the purity and quality of the synthesised compound confirmed?

    Rigorous quality control measures are implemented throughout the synthesis process. Our state-of-the-art analytical capacities, including NMR, HPLC, GC-MS, etc. are used to verify the purity and identity of compounds, ensuring they meet industry standards.

    What is the general timeline for a custom synthesis project?

    The general project timelines can vary based on complexity and scale of the desired products. Our team will work closely with you and provide an estimated timeline during project discussions.

    What information is needed from clients for a custom synthesis project?

    Our team would require detailed project specifications including information of the compound, quantities, and any other specific requirements based on your research project.

    What are your capabilities for handling high-potency compounds?

    We have extensive experience and capabilities in handling high-potency compounds (small molecules and payloads). Our strict safety protocols ensure safe handling and disposal of all materials involved in the synthesis process.

    NJ Bio’s NMR Facility for Structural Elucidation

    NJ Bio’s NMR Facility for Structural Elucidation