Linkers for ADCs

NJ Bio has the expertise and ability to fine-tune different linkers for all your conjugation needs. We can customize linkers that attach to lysine, cysteine, non-natural amino acids or require enzymatic ligation. We can help with hydrophobicity by incorporating carbohydrates, PEGs or other solubilizing motifs. NJ Bio can provide linkers that can help adjust the release mechanism of the active metabolite, be it by a cleavable, non-cleavable or degradable type mechanism. NJ Bio can help develop the right linker for our clients’ ADC. Below is a brief illustration of different linker types. Please contact us for any specific linkers.


  • Cleavable Linkers (Examples)
    • Chemically Labile: pH/acid sensitive
    • Chemically Labile: reducible disulfides
    • Enzymatically Labile: protease sensitive
    • Enzymatically Labile: glucuronidase sensitive
  • Non-Cleavable Linkers (Examples)