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NJ Bio, Inc. _ Synthesis of Nucleotides

Synthesis of Nucleotides

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Last updated on 8th February 2023

NJ Bio has the ability to synthesize a wide variety of molecules, including nucleosides and nucleotides. Our expertise in this field is best utilized for the development of modified nucleotide amidites for the seamless incorporation into oligonucleotide synthesis using the phosphoramidite strategy. Examples include, but are not limited to, LNAs (locked nucleic acids), reverse phosphoramidites, nucleosides modified at the 2′-position (OMe, protected NH2, F and others), or bases derivatized with a fluorescent group or a linker arm.

Variety of Nucleosides and Nucleotides for oligonucleotide synthesis

Standard nucleotide phosphoramidites include a dimethoxytrityl (DMT) protecting group on the 5’-position of the sugar base and a 3’-N,N-diisopropyl cyanoethyl group, which is essential for incorporation into oligonucleotide synthesis using the phosphoramidite strategy.

In the case of RNA, one more protecting group is needed at the 2’-position and most commonly a tert-butyldimethylsilyl (TBDMS) group is utilized. Finally, the nucleobases themselves (adenine, cytosine and guanine) require protecting groups, with the most commonly employed protecting groups being benzyl (Bn), acetyl (Ac) and isobutyryl (Ibu), respectively. All these protecting groups can be modified to match our clients’ specific needs.

Base and other modifications available upon request

  • Deaza Phosphoramidites
  • Halo Phosphoramidites
  • Oxo Phosphoramidites
  • Carboxy Phosphoramidites
  • Spacer Phosphoramidites
  • Linker Phosphoramidites
  • Azido Phosphoramidites
  • Fluorescent/dye labeled Phosphoramidites
  • Locked nucleic acid (LNA) Phosphoramidites
  • Morpholino Phosphoramidites
  • Specialty Phosphoramidites
    • 5-Me-dC, 5-Me-rU, 4-thio-rU
    • 13C, 15N Phosphoramidites
    • Deoxyinosine (dI), riboinosine (rI)


NJ Bio has specialized expertise in designing and synthesizing oligonucleotides of variable lengths with variety of linkers for bioconjugation to proteins and antibodies. We can deliver oligonucleotide conjugates for a variety of applications and constructs. Please contact us for more information.