Payloads and Linkers

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A successful antibody drug conjugate (ADC) requires the careful selection and optimization of the antibody, the drug-to-antibody ratio, the linker, and the payload to maximize the therapeutic benefit. NJ Bio’s extensive experience in ADCs allows us to help our clients select the best ADC candidate. We do this by offering a wide variety of different payloads, linkers and conjugation techniques to ensure the best ADC construct can be selected by preclinical model screening. We also offer all validated linker-payloads to help quickly establish proof-of-concept with your particular antibody. Any payload-linker component can be provided by our clients or custom made at NJ Bio with high quality from mg- to gram-quantities. Our goal is to work with you to meet your research needs.

Types of Payloads for ADCs

  • Tubulin Inhibitors (e.g., Auristatins, Maytansinoids, Paclitaxel, Docetaxel, Tubulysins)
  • DNA Damaging Agents
    • Bis-alkylators (e.g., Duocarmycins, PBDs, Calicheamicins, PDDs)
    • Mono-Alkylators (e.g., Duocarmycins, IGNs, PDDs)
    • Intercalators (e.g., Doxorubicin, Epirubicin, Nemorobucin, PNUs)
    • Topoisomerase Inhibitors (e.g., Camptothecins, SN-38, Exatecan)
  • Other Payloads (e.g., splicing Inhibitors, oligonucleotides, protein degraders, antibiotics, RNA inhibitors)
  • Diagnostics agents (e.g., biotinylation, FRET probes, theranostic agents)


Other Modalities

NJ Bio’s experience in the synthesis of many types of ADC payloads allows us to give our clients added value for any other conjugatable molecule; be it antisense oligonucleotides (ASO), siRNA, RNA inhibitors, antibiotics, theranostic agents, protein degraders and many others.

Linkers for ADCs

  • Cleavable linkers (e.g., val-cit-PAB, glucuronides, disulfides, protease cleavable)
  • Non-cleavable linkers (e.g., maleimidocaproyl, SMCC)
  • pH sensitive linkers (e.g., hydrazones, oximes, phosphonates)

Conjugation Methods

Conjugations methods commonly used at NJ Bio include:

  • Cysteine conjugation
  • Lysine conjugation
  • Conjugation to non-natural amino acids
  • Enzymatic conjugations
  • Conjugations via Click chemistry