Over the years, NJ Bio, Inc. has stayed committed to the Antibody Drug Conjugates (ADCs) field by sponsoring several distinguished events in this space and has dedicated itself to educating the global community about this emerging area of innovation. We received yet another opportunity to show our commitment and were proud to sponsor an extremely prestigious platform, the Industry- Academia NOST Conclave, held between September 13-14, 2022, at IIT Bombay. Naresh Jain, Ph.D., President, Founder, and CEO of NJ Bio Inc. was part of the panel of esteemed speakers at the event and presented on the topic of ADCs.

The National Organic Chemistry Symposium Trust (NOST) was established in 1983 with a vision to build a bridge between industry and academia to influence and shape future of organic chemistry research in India through discussions on the latest advances and innovations in the field. This year, the Industry-Academia NOST Conclave aimed at providing an interactive platform for acclaimed organic chemists in academia as well as the industry to collaborate. The speakers presented on two specific topics:

  1. Sustainability – Major Challenges and Opportunities for Chemical Industries in 21st Century
  2. Bridging the Gap between Academia and Chemical Industry through Open Innovation

Dr. Jain presented on the innovative research area of ADCs. Speaking about the “Accelerated Pathway from Antibody to ADC.” Dr. Jain shared his insights on development of ADCs, the different elements of an ADC molecule, its mechanism of action, its potential at improving the therapeutic index of cancer drugs, potency of ADC payloads, enhanced selectivity, efficacy and cytotoxicity, and the therapeutic potential of bioconjugates and linker payloads. He concluded his talk with case studies and articles that highlighted the striking advances in innovations made in the field of ADCs in recent years.

Speaking about his experience at this year’s NOST Conclave, Dr. Jain was thankful this opportunity gave NJ Bio a chance to interact with some of the most distinguished organic chemists in academia and industry in India. NJ Bio is extremely grateful to the NOST Trustees, Council Members, Sponsors and Organising Committee for creating such a valuable platform that holds significant potential to influence, change and shape the future of organic chemistry research. We strongly encourage the NOST committee to continue their journey to harness the potential of organic chemistry and enhance its powerful interface with the pharmaceutical industry.


Dr. Jain presenting a talk on ADCs at the Industry-Academia NOST Conclave at IIT, Mumbai (Bombay), India

Dr. Jain presenting a talk on ADCs at the Industry-Academia NOST Conclave at IIT, Mumbai (Bombay), India


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