NJ Bio, Inc. was proud to be a program partner at 5th Annual TPD Summit held in Boston between October 25 – 28, 2022. Our distinguished research leader, David C. Fry, Ph.D. was an expert speaker at the event. Dr. Fry has expertise in NMR analysis of proteins, peptides, and small molecules; ligand-binding studies by NMR; and 2D and 3D multinuclear NMR experiments. He presented on the “Potential of BioNMR to assist Discovery and Optimization of Targeted Protein Degraders”

In his talk, Dr. Fry addressed how a model of the ternary complex (Target Protein-TPD-E3) can be extremely valuable for guiding medicinal chemistry efforts to optimize the activity and selectivity of TPDs. He delineated how BioNMR can provide experimental information to develop a model. Using 15N-labeled proteins, analyzing 1H-15N-HSQC spectra and chemical shift changes to rapidly obtain the binding locations of the TPD on the Target Protein and on the E3 (“NMR footprinting”) was a key highlight of his talk. He also showed how these experimental binding footprints can guide model building.

Branded as the ‘most important event for the TPD community’ by many key opinion leaders, the TPD Summit was indeed a premium opportunity to catch up on the most relevant translational, clinical, and discovery progress from several global experts.


NJ Bio, Inc. proud partner, and expert speaker at the 5th Annual Targeted Protein Degradation Summit in Boston

Dr. David C. Fry presenting a talk at the 5th Annual Target Protein Degradation Summit in Boston


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