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NJ Bio, Inc. — Molecular Biology

Molecular Biology

NJ Bio provides molecular biology services, including the preparation of expression plasmids for the production of both mammalian and bacterial recombinant proteins. Professional codon optimization ensures the highest expression levels. According to the client’s specific requirements, tagged or tag-free protein services are available for bacterial expression. We have produced proteins from a wide range of organisms and only need the amino acid sequence to get started.

Our Process:

  • Client provides amino acid sequence
  • NJ Bio will then perform:
    • Optimization of codon sequence to a specific organism
    • Design of primers for PCR amplification
      • Custom elements can be incorporated upon client’s request.
    • Synthesis of gene
    • Gene amplification utilizing PCR and digestion with restriction enzymes
    • Cloning of gene into a custom vector
      • A large selection of pET vectors for bacterial expression is available
      • For mammalian expression, a wide variety of pcDNA vectors is available
    • Selection of several clones to check for protein expression
    • Identification of positive clones followed by preparation of the DNA plasmid
    • Production of large-scale protein expression cultures
    • Protein purification using conventional and/or affinity chromatography
    • Protein analysis using SDS-PAGE and Western Blot analysis for tags
    • SEC polishing to analyze purity and oligomerization
Preparation of tissue cultures in biosafety cabinet