NJ Bio would like to share that Dr. Naresh Jain, NJ Bio’s President & CEO, and Dr. Jagath Reddy Junutula, Senior VP Research & Development at ModMab Therapeutics and member of NJ Bio’s Scientific Advisory Board, will hold a Workshop at the 10th Annual World ADC London 2020. The workshop will be titled “The Chemistry of Toxins, Conjugations & Linkers for Antibody-drug Conjugates” and is intended to deepen the attendees’ understanding of the chemistry behind conjugation technologies. Topics covered will include the synthetic challenges, structural features, and stability of toxins; the chemistry of linkers, linker choice, linker release mechanisms; site-specific vs non-site-specific conjugations; stability of ADCs; and mitigation of aggregation.

In addition, NJ Bio will also be an exhibitor at this conference. Please stop by and meet with our team at Booth #19.