NJ Bio, Inc., is delighted to announce its recent honor as the recipient of the “Best Contract Research Organization” (CRO) Award at the 10th Annual World ADC Awards. The award serves as a testament to NJ Bio’s unwavering commitment to delivering innovative solutions and expertise in supporting ADC research and development initiatives. This acknowledgment recognizes the collective efforts and dedication of our teams in supporting our clients’ Antibody-Drug Conjugate (ADC) programs.

NJ Bio recognizes the need to continuously invest in the latest technology to support ADC research. This investment allows us to provide a platform to explore new frontiers and deliver high-quality solutions to our clients.

We deeply value the trust placed in us by our collaborators and clients which has been instrumental in our success and multiple victories at the ADC Awards. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to our dedicated researchers, scientists, and staff whose tireless efforts have made this recognition possible.

NJ Bio congratulates Charles River Laboratories who were co-recipients of this prestigious award. Being awarded alongside such a prominent company in the ADC space holds considerable importance and prestige.

NJ Bio reaffirms its ongoing commitment to remaining at the forefront of innovation by continuously investing in cutting-edge technology and research methodologies. By harnessing the latest advancements in technology and fostering a culture of innovation, the company aims to further elevate the standards of ADC research, making it possible to accelerate our client’s pipelines to become front-line therapies for oncology patients.

To know more about the 10th Annual World ADC Awards visit https://worldadc-awards.com/

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